Virtual Reality


DIVRSE + The Diversity Zone

Now that your organization has experienced Mr. Reed’s perspective that the road to empathy is “You have to put yourself inside their story”, it’s time for the next step. Don is collaborating with an industry leader in virtual reality Virtual Bodyworks – to deliver immersive diversity & inclusion training through their DIVRSE and ConVRself experiences. Via VR headsets you and your team can engage with the stories and characters from “The Diversity Zone.” Virtual Bodyworks’ Immersive VR technology has been proven to impact behavioral change and promote empathy. Everyone in your company can interact on the topics raised with avatars of themselves, others, and/or the storyteller via their groundbreaking DIVRSE TM  and ConVRself TM technologies.  

The trailblazing work of Virtual Bodyworks is well documented in the U.K and trusted by companies like BBC, Jigsaw, and The World Bank. Their learning environments have deeply impacted the areas of domestic violence, weight loss, smoking, and psychology. They’ve proven that changing perspective changes behavior.

Virtual Bodyworks applications are scientifically-backed and designed to create measurable behavioral change, with engaging and scalable Virtual Reality, change is facilitated across entire companies.